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Treasure Blogs - how much does netflix subscription cost?

What is Netflix and How much does Netflix subscription cost? Netflix is a streaming program that streams most popular shows live with variety of features. Multiple Languages to switch and of course you can download the shows to watch later.

Netflix allows you to watch any number of shows you want, There is no limit to the watchlist, On time to time basis It will give suggestion for you to watch as well as top ranked shows currently in your country. All of it in a very low price! But How much does Netflix Subscription Costs?

Here is the answer for you!

How much does Netflix Subscription Cost?

Featuring BasicStandardPremium
Monthly cost* (United States Dollar)$8.99$13.99$17.99
Number of screens can be used at one time124
Number of devices you can have downloads on124
Unlimited TV ShowsYesYesYes
Devices (Desktop,TV,Mobile,Tablet)YesYesYes
HD Quality NoYes Yes
Ultra HD QualityNoNoYes
Treasure Blogs - How much does netflix Subscription cost?

How many devices Netflix Account supports

Number of devices you can have on a Netflix Account actually depend on the subscription. If you have Netflix Basic subscription, You will be able to use 1 account at a time with one screen.


You can watch Netflix anywhere where there is internet. The variety of different shows and Ultra HD Quality of Premium will not let you fade away.

Netflix App can be download on Android Phones, iOS, Or Windows 10. This allows you to enjoy it pretty much anywhere you are. If you know you going out on trip where there will internet be hard to find then you can always download the shows before and enjoy the HD and Ultra HD Quality of Netflix.

Service Cancellation

Now a days for the customer satisfaction it is very important for the companies to provide the refund after the cancellation. Netflix is no different you can go ahead and cancel the subscription anytime you want and get your refund.

To Cancel the Membership. Please go to Account/ Membership and Billing and click on “Cancel Membership”.

Netflix Cancel Subscription

Netflix Vs Amazon Prime Video

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video both are VOD platforms. Amazon prime video is complicated and less user friendly then Netflix. They have their originals and both of them have award winning shows. Amazon Prime Video has more titles then Netflix. Approximately 40,000+ titles are on Amazon Prime Video and on Netflix there are around 8,000+ shows to watch.

The main difference between them is that Netflix is only a VOD which is why it has better interface and is available on many different devices and browsers. This not the case with Amazon.

How much does amazon prime cost per month?

Amazon Prime Video costs $8.99 a month. This will allow you to use one screen and watch as many shows as you want. The advantage that amazon prime video is that it allows you to rent tv shows on Amazon that differently is a bigger advantage. Netflix only allows you watch existing shows. Netflix is always a season behind on uploading new tv shows. Amazon Prime Video lets you rent and watch tv shows when they are released.

Treasure Blogs - How much does netflix subscription cost

My Reviews

Netflix is an entertaining service with very good tv shows to watch. Personally I have never been bored watching Netflix, its features and variety of TV shows it offers.

You can watch Movies, Series, Animated Movies and much more. The slightly uncomfortable experience is that it does not allow to take screenshot or screen record for sometime which sometimes can be bad.

Is Netflix better than Amazon?

According my experience both of them have really nice functionalities and better than one another at certain areas. Netflix has better interface and is user friendly. However, Amazon Prime has more titles and lets you rent shows that is something Netflix does not offer. I would say If you are interested in more action movies then Amazon prime video is the best place to be but if you are looking for more tensed and interesting shows then Netflix Originals nail at it.

Please feel free write your reviews about it.

Thank you

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