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Get bad credit loan guaranteed approval is not really an ideal idea, having bad credit can be a problem while applying for a loan. Many banks and lenders check for the credits of the person before approving their loan and they do it very thoroughly before approving the loan. Which is why it is very difficult for the people to apply for an emergency loan who have bad credit. But there are companies that offer quick loans even with bad credit score. The companies are listed below.

Will credit score be checked before approving the loan?

The answer is yes, the credit score will be checked but it will not be checked thoroughly, it will just be an overview of your credits. If you apply for the loan then many of different lenders will propose you their offers and you can choose whatever suits you the best and then agree to the term and conditions.

Things to know before applying for a loan.

  1. How much loan do you need?
  2. Will you be able to repay?
  3. How much interest will you have to pay?
  4. Are there any late fees?

1. Zippy Loan

bad credit loan guaranteed approval - 
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Zippy Loan is a loan broker, they do not offer the loans by themselves rather they have a wide network of lenders that allow them to provide secure and quick loans to people. Bad credit or good credit both of the type of people can request for a loan on Zippy Loan. You can go to their website and apply for the loan for free.

Why to choose Zippy Loan?

Zippy Loan partners with many different lenders who offer loan even with bad credit. Their loan ranges from $100 to $15,000. The exact amount can only be offered through credit history. It will not be fair to say the loan is guaranteed but if you meet the requirements of the lenders then you can get a loan. The lender can offer Unsecure loan. Zippy Loan is fast and funds are transferred quickly than others.

Is Zippy Loan legit?

They are not the lenders but they still have over 100 lenders who receive your request. Which makes them a legit company.

Zippy Loan work with OneMain Financial and Avant, both of them offer secured and unsecured loan.

Bad Credit Loan with guaranteed approval requires a moderate credit score at least. hence, it is not a guarantee whether you will get an offer from a lender.

Payout Duration: As soon as the next business day after approval.

So Is Zippy Loan legit? the answer is yes.

Forbidden States: New York, West Virginia, Oregon and Washington DC.

2. Auto Loan Zoom

Auto Loan Zoom - Treasure Blogs

Auto Loan Zoom works as a broker not as a lender. They deal with wide network of dealers and lenders who credit the loan even with bad credit. Auto Loan Zoom does not charge a penny for their services. However, the lender can have different terms and conditions with fees. Make sure you read the terms and conditions properly before accepting a loan offer from a lender. There is no APR rate by the Auto Loan Zoom since they are not the lenders. They offer a quick and secure form for you to fill which will be sent to the lenders for approval.

Why to choose Auto Loan Zoom?

Auto Loan Zoom is a trusted broker by many of their clients in USA. They offer safe and secure application method that allows the borrowers to request of a loan in quick minutes. You don’t have apply to hundreds of lenders individually. Auto Zoom Loan will send you request to the dealers and lenders. So you can save lots of your time and effort.

Payout Duration: As soon as the next business day after approval.

Forbidden States: None, you can apply from any state of USA.

3. Clear View Loans

Clear View Loans - Treasure Blogs

Clear View Loans are more like the payday loan brokers. They have a network with Lenders and Lending Partners. Your loan application is sent to lenders and lending partners through a secured mode. You can request a loan starting from $100 to $5,000. Based on your information a lender will approve the request if your request qualifies. The lender will contact you within 24 hours. They might contact you within minutes. APR rate differs based on the lender.

Why to choose Clear View Loans?

Clear View Loans are fast, if you qualify for a loan, you will be contacted by the lender in a day or minutes. It is a secure and easy way so your information is safe. They amount is deposited in your bank account directly. If you authorize you can have automatic payments through “ACH Transfers”. This way you won’t have to worry about your repayments and late fees.

Know more about Clear View Loans in the below given video.

Payout Duration: As soon as the next business day.

Forbidden States: None, You can apply from any state.

Personal Loans with Bad Credit and low income

In this time of crisis people with good income have also suffered and their credits also went down because of due payments, overdues and much more. On the top of that there can be emergencies as well. You can run into a car accident or any natural disaster. It is always nice to have someone look for you back. By Applying to Bad Credit Loan there are very high chances of you to get the quotes from different lenders and get a payout the same day or the next day.

Bad credit loan with guaranteed approval are not really ideal but there are used in emergencies we are not prepared for. Companies offering bad credit loan guaranteed approval aren’t just made for people with perfect credit but for the people with bad credit as well. Taking care of each and every customer. They have lenders who can take care of people with bad credits within a day or so, you will be required complete the requirements of the company to satisfy them.

Bad credit loan guaranteed approval is very essential at times. The times we are not prepared for. To help you find loan offers. We have listed down the companies and some important things you need to know, to help you in this difficult time. Before that let’s understand bad credit score.

What is considered Bad Credit Score?

The bad credit is measured differently by different lenders, the credit score scale starts from 350 to 850. On the contrary basis any thing below 660 is considered bad by the lenders. However the 670 is considered okay for the lenders to lend. Anything below 570 is actually not suitable for credit but there are still chances that some lenders may lend.

Credit Score Chart

S# Credit Score Remarks
1300 – 580Bad
2570 – 670Reasonable
3660 – 740Good
4740 – 800Very Good

What’s the difference between Secured and Unsecured loan?

Secured: A secured loan is the one which has a collateral before the loan is approved. The advantage of secure loans is that they have very low interest rates.

Unsecured: In Unsecured loans there is no collateral, you just fill out the form and complete below given requirements. The interest rate of Unsecure loan is slightly higher than secure loan.

Types of Personal Loans with Bad Credit

  1. Credit Cards
  2. Bank Loans
  3. Installment Loans
  4. Title Loans
  5. Payday Loans


  1. Be at least 18 years old.
  2. Provide proof of citizenship, such as a Social Security number, or legal residency.
  3. Have a regular income, either from full-time employment, self-employment, or disability or Social Security benefits.
  4. Have a checking account in your name.
  5. Provide work and home telephone numbers.
  6. Provide a valid email address.

What is escrow instructions

These are the lender’s escrow instructions for applying for a loan. Escrow instructions are about the equity of the loan, or securing the loan property. Escrow instructions will be the details and more like a form to be filled for applying for the loan.

States Bad Credit Loan is Applicable to

28New Hemshire
29New Jersey
30New Mexico
31New York
32North California
33North Dakota
38Rhode Island
39South California
40South Dakota
47West Virginia

Bad Credit Loan in Minnesota, MN

Emergencies can happen anywhere anytime. There is not time for emergencies then why should we be worried about our credit score in such situation? bad credit loan is offered in Minneapolis, MN. It is one of quickest and easiest ways to request for a loan from a lender. (Click Here to Read More).

Bad Credit Loan in Taxes, TX

Bad credit loan requirements vary based on the states like Taxes, tx. In some states there more lenders and others have less. This actually means less requirements and quicker payouts.

In order to get hold of the borrower the lender offer less interest rates and less terms and conditions. (Click Here to Read More)

Bad Credit Loan in Maryland, MD

Maryland is a state in Mid-Atlantic bordering Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania in the north. The state is named after the Queen of England Mary, who was the wife of King Charles.

Bad credit loans offered in Maryland are very low as compared to other big states but yes there are lenders who lend money with bad credit. (Click Hear to Read More).

Bad Credit Loan in Pennsylvania, PA

In this time of technology, you can do anything from anywhere around the globe. Technology has made it very easy for us.

Just like everything, with the help of technology we can request loans using our computers or phones. It is very easy to find lenders in your state through the brokers. Bad credit loan lenders are often partnered with a broker and when you request loan through the broker, the broker sends your request to their wide network of lenders. (Click here to Read More)

Feel free to visit above given websites for guaranteed bad credit loan approval.

Please let me know if you have any questions by commenting down below.

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